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Has Violet Myers Passed Away | Is It Fake News?

By Jan 26, 2024
violet myers passed away

No. Violet Myers hasn’t passed away. She is alive.

Is Violet Myers Dead?

Violet Myers is not dead she is alive. In November 2021 there were speculations that the popular porn actor has been hit by a heart attack leading to her death. But these were fake. They were just rumors.

According to sources, Myers had an Instagram post two hours after the viral speculation.

Also according to, Violet Myers back on January 19, 2022, took to her social media handle to speak about her alleged death. 

This is what she said on X then twiter, “Update I’m alive and very healthy, the old me is dead though.”

Violet myers on X

Who is she actually

violet myers passed away

Violet Myers is an adult film actor, model, and social media personality hailing from the United States of America.

She began her career in the adult entertainment industry in 2018 where she has since featured in over 400 films.

Her popularity took a rise when she made an appearance on a podcast called The Morning After Podcast. That’s when she got a lot of fans and followers on social media.

Well, the news that Violet Myres is dead is fake.

Violet Myers Trend Over Time

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