Mon. May 6th, 2024

Breaking: Gregory Afriyie Nantwi (Headmaster) Declares His Intentions to Contest for KNUST SRC President.

By May 6, 2024

Gregory Afriyie Nantwi, popularily known as “Headmaster” has declared his intentions to context for the position of President of the Student Representative Council (SRC) in KNUST

Known among his peers as “headmaster,” a nickname affectionately given to him by Dr. Domperah, a lecturer, for his composed nature and leadership qualities, Gregory has demonstrated a strong commitment to leadership both in and out of the classroom.

Gregory’s confidence is a notable aspect of his personality, evident in his frequent and insightful contributions during class discussions. This trait, coupled with his leadership roles on campus, has earned him a reputation as a natural leader among his peers.

His passion for the welfare of others is evident in his desire to identify and solve problems, adding value to the lives of those around him. This is what motivates him to seek the position of SRC President at KNUST.

Gregory’s leadership journey began in high school at Jachie Pramso Senior High School, where he served as an SRC President, Student Discipline Committee President, Senior Boys Prefect, and Bible Studies Leader.

These experiences have equipped him with the skills necessary to lead effectively in a university setting.

If elected as SRC President, Gregory Afriyie Nantwi aims to bring positive change to the student body, focusing on issues that matter most to students. His vision, passion, and leadership skills position him as a strong candidate for the position.

The current SRC president is Miss Yvonne Osei Adobe and Gregory is seeking to succeed her.

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