Funny face involed in accident

Funny Face has been involved in serious accidents that have claimed the lives of two children. This occurred a few hours ago at the Kasoa – Kakraba Junction.

A well-known Ghanaian comedic actor and comedian was reportedly involved in a serious accident at the Kasoa Kakraba Junction. Reports suggest that several people were hit by his vehicle, and there are alleged casualties.

This incident occurred following his public dispute with his child’s mother, where he accused her of denying him access to his children. Funny Face has been dealing with mental health issues for some time and was recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital.

Some sources suggest that he was driving under the influence and lost control of his vehicle, resulting in a collision with a woman and her children, as well as two other motorists.

Here is a video of the incident.

However, the people were quick in reporting the incident hence Funny Face has been arrested while other issues too are being investigated.

This is a developing story, and more details will be provided as they become available.