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Aria Martin Orange County: What happened?

By Mar 26, 2024
Aria Martin Orange County

Back in February 2023, there was an incident in which a woman from Orange County faced charges following a parking lot rampage.

Aria Alexandra Martin, 33 at the time, was accused of hitting multiple cars, nearly striking pedestrians, and evading police. She faced charges including assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism, driving under the influence of a drug, and resisting arrest.

Watch the video of the incident according to ABC7

Martin pleaded not guilty during her arraignment and was scheduled for a pretrial hearing on Feb. 23, 2023. She was held on $60,000 bail. The incident, which occurred on Feb. 9, 2023, was captured on video showing Martin ramming parked cars and ignoring pleas to stop.

She was later apprehended on the freeway and taken into custody after initially refusing to comply with the deputies.

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