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Who is Prince Asiamah|Bio, Age, Net worth

By Jan 17, 2024
Who is Prince Asiamah

Prince Asiamah is a blogger and website developer. He is the founder and CEO of OriginalPrince Web Design,, and

Who is Prince Asiamah

Prince Asiamah

Prince Asiamah is a blogger, website designer and a student of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana. He has not been in the blogging business for a long time, but he is doing the extraordinary.

Blogging takes about 3 to 6 months before one gets traffic but he was able to break that dreadlock on a case study website, He had traffic of over 20 within 12 days of building the website- no backlinks, no authority, etc.

He has also helped a couple of his classmates in KNUST, to get their website. is one of them. He has provided many tutorials free of charge.

In September 2023, he launched his business OriginalPrince Web Design with the main services being Website development, Website design, Website management, and a Free Blogging course.

Prince Asiamah Bio

Prince Asiamah is his real name but his nickname is OriginalPrince. He was born on September 06 in the 2000s. The actual year is unknown as of now.

NamePrince Asiamah
High SchoolSt. Peter’s SHS


In 2021, he was admitted into KNUST to study BSc. Natural Resources Management.

Prince Asiamah

He is a very dedicated student who does not joke with his studies. His love and passion for Natural Resources, led him to choose this field of study

Prince Asiamah


He launched his business, OriginalPrince Web Design in November 2023 where they provide services like website design, website management, SEO services and free blogging tutorials.

Who is Prince Asiamah

Net Worth

Prince Asiamah’s net worth is unknown as of now because it has not yet been publicised.

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